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B&W Outdoor.cases

B&W Outdoor Cases are built to the highest quality and standards. German engineered but still affordable, B&W cases offer a unique price to performance ratio.Verified IP67 compliant, this sophisticated protective case solution will assure your equipment is well secured.

Functional yet modern, our cases are used in various industries across the globe, from industrial and military applications to outdoor and photographic use.

BENRO Tripods and Support systems

BENRO has supplied the photographic and film industry with support solutions since 1995. BENRO is a well respected brand in the international market today, favored by professionals and enthusiasts alike. Introduced into the South African market in 2011, BENRO products are stocked by most leading photographic stores, and enjoys a prominent share nationwide.

Striving for innovation and design, BENRO products feature some of the newest available materials, and trends. Lightweight, yet durable and strong. We have selected the most popular models for the South African market. The majority of our tripods are supplied standard with durable nylon bags from the BENRO factory.